Logie Collection, Teece Museum


The entire Logie collection was affected by the September 2010 earthquake while on display in their level 5 home at Canterbury University. Emily Fryer Conservation condition checked and assessed all the objects and carried out the cleaning and conservation on the objects to return them to their pre earthquake appearance and allow them to continue as a valuable teaching and research collection as well as preserving the superb objects for the future.

10 years on we are only really starting to be able to evaluate our responses to the Canterbury Earthquakes. Having recently given a talk on the conservation of the collection at a University event it was useful to reflect on the early stages of recovery. If you are faced with this situation (as many households were) take time to think, evaluate the risks to yourself and the objects, prioritise, perform your first aid priorities, stabilise. Don’t get into treatment. As ever prevention is better than a cure. Think about how your objects would react in an earthquake now and secure or stabilise them before this happens.

See the collection at the Teece Museum: http://teecemuseum.nz/