Logie Collection, Teece Museum

The entire Logie collection was affected by the September 2010 earthquake while on display in their level 5 home at Canterbury University. Emily Fryer Conservation condition checked and assessed all the objects and carried out the cleaning and conservation on the objects to return them to their pre earthquake appearance and allow them to continue […]

Statue of Robert Falcon Scott

Scott’s statue is an iconic Christchurch Statue erected in 1917 and was carved by the subjects wife sculptor Kathleen Scott after his death. It is a memorial to those who died with Scott on his return journey from the South Pole in 1912. The 2.5 tonne, 2.6 metres high statue was badly damaged in the […]

Hanly Mural, Christchurch Town Hall

Patrick Hanly (1932-2004) was an important New Zealand artist who played a major part in invigorating New Zealand art in the Twentieth Century. The mural “Rainbow Pieces” (1971) at Christchurch Town Hall, commissioned by Sir Miles Warren, is recognised as a significant work. It is much loved for its vibrancy and its reflection of the […]