Emergency Care of Objects

In the event of a disaster some irreplaceable items may be damaged, but this does not mean they are lost. Conservators are professionally trained to assess and treat these kind of objects.

The information here is provided as a guide only. If you are unsure or the object is valuable then contact a conservator first.

Earthquake Damage

If your object has broken into pieces, gather up all the pieces (even the tiny ones!) and place them together in a box. Try to handle them as little as possible and do not clean them. If possible take a photograph of the damage for your insurance company.

For large sculptures be careful as they may not be stable. Do not try to move them until they have been properly assessed. If any pieces have dropped off collect them up and keep them stored safely.

Flood Damage

If an item has got wet with clean water allow the item to dry out if possible. If this is not possible place the item in a plastic bag and freeze it.

If the item is wet with contaminated water place the item in several plastic bags with no holes in them and freeze it. Wear gloves and suitable protection. Despite best efforts it may not be possible to save the item due to health risks.

Pest Infestation

If your object is infested, place in a sealed thick plastic bag or container and contact a conservator for advice.

Museum and Archive Collections

For Museum and Archive collections there is a local disaster salvage team in Canterbury. Please visit http://www.disalteam.co.nz/